Public Notice
City of Portland, Indiana
Ordinance 2014- 22
An Ordinance amending Chapter 74, Schedule III of the Portland Code of Ordinances.
Be it ordained by the Common Council, of The City of Portland, Jay County, Indiana that Chapter 74, Schedule III, Stop Intersections, of the Portland Code of Ordinances is hereby amended to add the following street:
Lafayette Street shall stop for traffic on Industrial Drive.
The penalty for violation of this ordinance shall be the same penalty provided in Chapter 70.99 of the Portland Code of Ordinances.
This Ordinance was duly passed in regular session of the Common Council of the City of Portland, Jay County Indiana, on this 18th day of August, 2014.
Randy D. Geesaman, 
Presiding Officer
Michele R. Scott, 
Approved by me on the date of adoption.
Randy D. Geesaman, Mayor
CR 8-21-2014 -HSPAXLP