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Saturday, August 23, 2014
  • I completed the ALS ice bucket challenge. 
  • To the editor:
    On Aug. 15, a 12-year-old with talent beyond those years charmed an audience of hundreds, elevating his performance above 15 other worthy contenders to become the second grand prize winner of Stars in the Park. 
  • To the editor:
    I want to express that I know that nothing I write can take away the pain of the loss of a child and that I in no way want to even pretend that I can fathom the deepness of that pain. What I do want to do is to tell what I saw and experienced the few days that I was in Indiana. 
  • There’s nothing to worry about, the woman said. It’s next to impossible to fall out of a kayak. 
  • To the editor: Comedian Rodney Dangerfield’s theme makes me think of the thumbing of the nose of the J-Star Farms of Ohio to Jay County, Indiana’s rules and regulations concerning confined animal feeding operations and building permit rules. 
  • State treasurer candidate Mike Boland was surprised by the amount of traffic he encountered Wednesday on a stop in Portland. 
  • To the editor: On Aug. 5, the Portland Police Department participated in the National Night Out. 
  • I didn’t always want to be a journalist.  
  • To the editor: The seemingly endless battle between Indiana Governor Mike Pence and Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz continues. 
  • To the editor: I would like to tell you about two things that probably only happened once in Portland Pool’s 54-year history. 
  • It was the first — and only — thing my father ever taught me to cook. 
  • To the editor: Once again, I would like to thank the many businesses and organizations of Jay County for their support of this year’s Miss Jay County Fair Queen Pageant. 
  • To the editor:
    Having cancer is hard. 
  • To the editor:
    As Director of Outreach for The Journey Home and a disabled U.S. Army Veteran, I was once homeless and battling alcoholism. 
  • Want to know what I love as much as goats? 
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