REDKEY — A decision has been made.
After several months of debate, Redkey Town Council will take control of the park cabin. The council voted Thursday evening to begin running all park cabin operations through town hall effective May 1.
During the meeting, council also approved the purchase of a new police vehicle.
The park cabin has been the most debated issue recently between the council and those who had served on the park cabin board. An independent park cabin board previously ran the cabin, taking reservations and handling upkeep and finances.
Terri Heston, who was a member of the board, said she is disappointed with how events have played out, saying since councilman Dave Dudelston has joined the council he has been vindictive in his dealings with both the park cabin board and the former park board.
Heston thanked council members Thursday for the opportunity to serve on the park cabin board, saying it helped her stay connected with town residents.
She asked the council to give the board until May 1 to get all of its financial records organized and paperwork in order. The entire board will officially step down as of that date and everything will be turned over to Debbie James, Redkey’s clerk-treasurer.
Reservations that have already been made with Heston for use of the cabin will be honored. All non-profit organizations that use the cabin for their meetings will still be allowed to do so on their scheduled dates.
Council members said they believe placing the town-owned cabin in James’ hands will give them a better idea of its financial records and will allow the town to provide the Indiana State Board of Accounts with more definite figures.
Also Thursday, council approved the purchase of a 2014 Chevy Impala from Kelley Chevrolet for $19,838.06 for the police department.
Town marshal Tracy Layman discussed four quotes that came in for the new vehicle, which will replace the current 2009 Chevrolet Impala that is used for patrol. Other quotes came in from American Chevrolet for a 2014 Impala for the price of $28,450 with a trade in value of $4,000 for the current police car. Fuqua Chrysler Dodge and Jeep offered a 2014 Dodge Charger for $21,875 while Ed Martin’s Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram bid came in at $23,955 for the same vehicle.
Redkey will accept sealed bids for the purchase of the old vehicle once they receive the new patrol car.   
In other business, the council:
•Heard town attorney Wes Schemenaur say he has drafted an ordinance that would ban the use of all-terrain vehicles on town streets.
Schemenaur said he is researching more about the use of vehicles on private properties and how it relates to noise ordinances.
•Learned from Troy Stahl of engineering firm Fleis & VandenBrink that things are moving forward with the town’s combined sewage overflow project. Preliminary engineering plans have been approved and work on detailed drawings will continue.
“Things are moving now,” Stahl said. “I’m optimistic that we are getting close.”
•Heard James say that the town rummage sale will be May 16 and 17. Town cleanup day will take place on May 24.
•Approved water bill adjustments totaling $10,318.25. Most adjustments were because of frozen and broken lines.