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Monday, November 20, 2017
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  • Retrospect: Patriots won with defense
    Thirty years ago this week, the Jay County High School boys basketball team used a traditional tactic — lock-down defense — to win its season opener in the first game it played with a new rule — the 3-point shot — in place.

  • Back to Orlando
    PENDLETON — The Patriots are heading back to Orlando.

  • Setting standards
    It’s not about redemption, really. It’s not even about proving to themselves that they’re capable. The scoresheets have already shown that. It’s about putting forward the quality of routine that meets their standards. And earning another berth to nationals, of course.
  • Portland to save on insurance
    Portland will save more than half a million dollars on health insurance in 2018 by switching providers.
  • Tyson Mexican Original is growing. The company’s Portland plant is in the process of a $6 million expansion and upgrade.
  • To the editor: We are blessed and want to thank you for blessing us even more by giving of yourselves, by helping us sort through debris, for providing a place to keep what was saved, for washing bags of soiled, rain-soaked, insulation-coated clothes and for bringing food to feed our family.
  • While it’s somewhat reassuring to see a bipartisan group of senators cobble together new legislation that would strengthen background checks, it’s hard to shake the feeling that it’s all more gesture than substance.
  • To the editor: Family LifeCare held their annual fundraiser on Sept. 23 and raised over $31,000. 
  • Twenty years. That’s an anniversary ahead of me in January.
  • To the editor: Thank you for all those who helped after the storm who helped get my son and grandson out of the barn from where they were trapped.
Caldwell performs
Taryn Caldwell of Dunkirk performs the national anthem at a Fort Wayne TinCaps game.
Whitacre Memorial Ride 06/19/2017


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