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Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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  • FR seeking multiple grants for park
    FORT RECOVERY — The village is continuing to focus on the improvements for baseball and softball diamonds.
  • Jay Co. unemployment dips to 3.5 percent
    Unemployment had climbed briefly above 4 percent. For consecutive months, it’s been back below that number.
  • Integration agreement approved
    Prepare to say goodbye to Jay County Hospital and hello to IU Health Jay.
  • Declines will continue
    Enrollment declines for Jay Schools are expected to slow a bit in the next few years, but the numbers won’t reverse themselves, and they won’t erase the fact that total enrollment has dropped 46 percent since 1974.
  • Retrospect: Patriots won with defense
    Thirty years ago this week, the Jay County High School boys basketball team used a traditional tactic — lock-down defense — to win its season opener in the first game it played with a new rule — the 3-point shot — in place.

  • To the editor: It’s 4:17 a.m., and the first news I hear this morning is that some kook from Northern California used four people for target practice.
  • To the editor: We are blessed and want to thank you for blessing us even more by giving of yourselves, by helping us sort through debris, for providing a place to keep what was saved, for washing bags of soiled, rain-soaked, insulation-coated clothes and for bringing food to feed our family.
  • While it’s somewhat reassuring to see a bipartisan group of senators cobble together new legislation that would strengthen background checks, it’s hard to shake the feeling that it’s all more gesture than substance.
  • To the editor: Family LifeCare held their annual fundraiser on Sept. 23 and raised over $31,000. 
Caldwell performs
Taryn Caldwell of Dunkirk performs the national anthem at a Fort Wayne TinCaps game.
Whitacre Memorial Ride 06/19/2017


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